The Neighborhood (1913-1954)

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We believe that the history of our neighborhood is just as important as it’s future. This district used to be one of Omaha’s most vibrant commercial districts and was a major stop along the streetcar line connecting downtown with Dundee. We have spent many hours digging through the Douglas County Historical Societies archives to bring the history and stories from this community to life.

Business Listings

3913 Alb Dreyfoos
3915 A H Chabot
3917 S J Berman
3918 Dundee Plumbing Co.
3919 Archie Laudower
3925 Aug Feldhusen Hardware
3926 Wilke & Mitchell Grocery Store
3926 1/2 Anton Cavaleri Shoemaker
3927 C E Lathrop Drugstore
3928 M W Cavanagh Jr.
H A Jewell
C E Ochs
3936 Vito Pascale Barber
4015 McCabe Methodist Church


A devastating tornado ripped through much of what is now considered Midtown on March 23, 1913. There was significant damage to many of the buildings around the 40th and Farnam district.



Detail of the district from a 1918 map


Business Listings 1931

3910 Handy Laundry
3912 Gt A & P Tea Company
3918 West Farnam Cafe
3920 Cozette Gerard Baker
3921 McGininis David B Restr
3922 Piggly Wiggly Stores Inc
3923 Johnson H Louis Cleaner
3924 Cavaleri Anton Shoe Repair
3925 World Herald Sub Station H
3926 West Farnam Hardware
3926 1/2 Pisasale A J Barber
3927 Sunnymede Tea Room
3928 Wilke-Mitchell Co Gros
3928 Mitchell Apts
1. West Farnam Beauty Shoppe
2. Quade Herman F Dentist
3. Lane Emma H
4. Simmons Gene
3929 West Farnam Grocery
4001 Green’s Pharmacy
4003 Chamberlin Mtl Weather Strip Co
4005 Selicow Max Tailor
4007 Heinbaugh Luther H Barber
4009 Neble Tea Rooms
4119 Sullivan Jos M


The Admiral Theatre was built on the northwest corner of 40th and Farnam in 1942.


Business Listings 1946

3910 Clark Lovell P Beverages
3913 Sowell Jas T
3914 Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Assn
3915 Munderloh Herman J2
3920 Kaufmann’s Pastry Shoppe
3921 Nelson Arnonld C Restaurant
3922 Mi Cleaners
3923-25 Waskel Peter J Radio Repair
3924 1/2 Pisasale Anthony J Barber
3926 Besler Phil R Beverges
3927 Lincoln Cafe
3928 Crestwood Shps
3929 Weinberg Albert J Beverages
4001 Green’s Pharmacy
4005 Selicow Max Tailor
4007 Haynes Advertising Co
Haynes Products Co
4009 Scott Robt I Machinist
4011 Brugman Dance Studio
4013 DeFoes Frank W Grocery


Business Listings 1954

3910 Clark Lovell P Liquors
3920 Kaufmann’s Pastry Shoppe
3922-24 Mi Cleaners
3923 Farnam Dress Shop
3923 Jordan Ruby F
3924 Swift Wm Shoe Repair
3924 1/2 Pisasale Anthony J Barber
3925 Walker’s Music
3924 Davis Grant Bar
3927 Jo Rene Cafe
3928 Green’s Cafe
3929 Embassy Club
4001 Admiral Drug Co
4007 Haynes Advertising Co
Haynes Products Co
4009 Walker Max I
4011 Davey Pearl Art Shop
4013 Welter & Maloy Quality Clothes for Men
4016 West Farnam Roller Rink




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